Are you ready to automate the annuities payment process and budgets for maintaining your international patents?

Our understanding of deadlines and direct access to patent offices allow us to offer you automated seamless annuity solutions which maintain your patents all around the world.

Are you excited to get your idea to market and have no clue where to start?

Our passion for innovation and understanding of patent and licensing laws allow us to assist you each step of the way, from idea to product being sold at stores!

Are you ready to check if your idea is truly unique and one of a kind?

Our world wide prior art patent searches provide you with organized and actionable data to assist you in making critical decisions in a very cost effective manner.

Are you tight on budget and time and need to get protection before talking to an investor?

A provisional application provides you with a patent pending status and has a pendency lasting 12 months to allow you to get all your papers, claims and disclosures in order.

Are you ready to turn your idea, to a patent?

We can provide you with the most reliable, secure, automated and feasible solutions to turn your ideas into patents.

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You have invested countless hours and thousands of dollars to draft and prosecute an amazing idea which you have embodied in a patent, and it was finally granted! Your investment and commitment do not stop here, as a patent owner you have to pay patent annuities in order to maintain your rights.

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About patents

Why should I consider Patenting my invention?

Exclusive rights: Patents provide you with an exclusive right to prevent or stop others from commercially exploiting an invention for twenty years from the date of filing of the patent application, in a specific jurisdiction.
Return on investments: having the opportunity to commercialize the patent whether through selling or licensing will give the inventor the opportunity to make a return on the investment he did while developing and protecting the patent.
Increase in negotiating power: If your company is in the process of acquiring the rights to use the patents of another enterprise through a licensing contract, your patent portfolio will enhance your bargaining power.
Positive image for your enterprise: Business partners, investors and shareholders may perceive patent portfolios as a demonstration of the high level of expertise, specialization, and technological capacity within your company. This may prove useful for raising funds, finding business partners and raising your company’s market value.

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what our client said about us

I have an ongoing project with East patent team members, I am very pleased with their work product. I am happy with the friendly, professional way that they conduct business. Our project is still under process but I can vouch with no hesitation that I will use them again and I highly recommend them.

Francis Innovation consultant

Easy Patent team especially Ruba were amazing. They were very informative all through the process. It was a great first experience and I would use them again without hesitation. Ruba was very kind and took the time to explain everything to me. She handled everything in a very professional manner. Easy Patents met and exceeded my expectations beyond what I had hoped for.

Mona Hatchiti Lawyer

Affordable, easy to use and great customer service

Marc Atiye Patent agent

Rita has been a great value add. My idea is very technical, she walked me through it and helped me decipher the technical matters into a full blown patent draft.

Dany Kanaan Entrepreneur

Our Mission

What You Can Expect From Us

Our goal is to stimulate innovation from the emerging markets and democratize the access to reputable professional patent service providers. We pledge to provide premium specialized patent services at affordable prices, aided by technology.


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